with bare hands
& keyboards™

Above is the motto we live by. It encapsulates our attitude towards problem-solving. Man has built the physical world using his bare hands. Then, he invented the keyboard and created another world, the digital one. With those two* tools at our disposal, we see no business problem as too hard and no challenge too big.

*With all due respect to the mouse, touch screen, and voice command devices, the keyboard came first.

We are founded by people who are driven by:

  • Crafting simple and notable components that build up your brand’s value
  • Discovery and research aimed at thoughtful practices
  • Attention to detail
  • Independence and creative freedom
  • Thinking that goes deeper

our point of view

Problem: The world is full of poorly designed customer experiences, inferior engineering, and money wasted on products with no real market and solution fit.

Insight: No need for yea-sayers and poor outcomes.

Solution: With an emphasis on straight-forwardness and clear communication. We are the people who will challenge your assumptions, walk the walk, guide you, and help you create value in the world and achieve tangible success.

  • functional & strategic design.
  • simplicity without noise.
  • sustainability and high-performance
  • solving real problems.
  • Impeccable engineering.
  • fake plants.
  • fluff.
  • style over substance.
  • half baked goods.
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